Togolese Football Federation

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Togolese Football Federation
Togo FA.png
HeadquartersRoute de Kegué - Lomé
FIFA affiliation1964
CAF affiliation1963
WAFU affiliation1975
PresidentAntoine Folly
Vice-PresidentEssoham Assima-Kpatcha

The Togolese Football Federation (French: Fédération Togolaise de Football) or FTF is the governing body of football in Togo. In 2006, the Togo national football team participated for first time in the 2006 World Cup in Germany.


  • President: AKPOVY Kossi
  • Vice President: WALLA Bernard
  • General Secretary: LAMADOKOU Kossi
  • Treasurer: BEDINADE Bireani
  • Media Officer: AMEGA Koffi
  • Men's Coach: LE ROY Claude
  • Women's Coach: ZOUNGBEDE Paul (TOG)
  • Futsal Coordinator: PATATU Amavi
  • Referee Coordinator: AZALEKO Amewossina


There are 9 major football leagues in Togo.


Notable FTF football clubs.


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