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For an August 2004 deletion debate over this page see: Wikipedia:Votes for deletion/G Senjou Heaven's Door


Hello, Endless 0_o, I liked your page. After it got listed on Votes for Deletion, I edited it a bit to make it more like a standard Wikipedia article, hoping that that would make the vote a "keep". These are my reasons for the changes I've made:

I removed your signature, because Wikipedia articles are never signed. This is because they're collaborative.

I started the first sentence with the article title in bold - another Wikipedia principle.

I rewrote your text from a Neutral Point of View, the most important Wikipedia principle. NPOV means that the article is not supposed be a review about what you like about this manga, it has to be factual and neutral. (I tried to get around that somewhat by saying that "fans think" instead of "I think".) Unfortunately, NPOV also meant deleting what you said about liking the clean and thin art, and about wanting to see Tetsuo's eyes. I thought they were interesting remarks, and didn't want to remove them - I would rather have NPOV'd them by explaining them, but I didn't know how. I think it would improve the article if you put those things back, with explanations. Your original text isn't lost, you can find it under the "history" tab.

But I'm sorry to tell you that the vote will probably be a "delete", anyway, simply because I don't think G Senjou Heaven's Door is famous enough as an example of manga. If you want to argue this point, go to your article's entry on VfD (link for this on article page) and write a comment. If you want to vote, you need to first register as a Wikipedia user - anonymous votes don't count - but anybody can comment. Best wishes, Bishonen 16:22, 11 Aug 2004 (UTC)


The vote is looking like a "keep"! I have added info about the scanlation. Before, I thought it would be against Wikipedia policy to even mention it (scanlations are technically copyright violations), but after reading the Scanlation entry I changed my mind. Also put in an attempted version of Endless 0_o's point about the clean and thin art, but it would be better if s/he returned and did it. Bishonen 10:23, 17 Aug 2004 (UTC)