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Knackers = testicles.[edit]

In at least some parts of England (possibly all) and Scotland, testicles are often referred to as knackers, presumably because they hurt easily and "knack" is often used in the north in the sense of "ow, that knacked!" when people hurt themselves.

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Knacker has a slang use, as in "Don't knacker it" meaning, don't break it, or more commonly, "He's knackered" meaning very tired. The origin of the term is the trade of rendering meat that is unfit for human consumption, a task performed by the knacker. For example, when dray horses were too tired to work any more they could be taken to the 'knacker's yard.' The term is still used in Britain today, e.g. in the Slaughterhouses Act 1974, the Meat (Sterilisation and Staining) Regulations 1982 and the Food Act 1984. According to these, a 'knacker's yard' is 'any premises used in connection with the business of slaughtering, flaying or cutting up animals whose flesh is not intended for human consumption'.

Knacker is also slang, at least in the UK, for policeman. Private Eye in particular has made Inspector Knacker of the Yard famous, although I am unware of the derivation of this. The Private Eye entry briefly mentions this.

Irish traveler[edit]

The root of the Irish traveler 'knacker' may be like the English 'knocker', a traveller who knocks on doors to sell wares or offer service.


I took the liberty of adding some very basic references about the use of Knackered to describe tiredness in general, not generally sexually related. This is a very common use of the word at least as far as Ireland is concerned.


Sorry mate, was just trying to help ;{ - Antóine O'Connor 17:39, 3 January 2006 (UTC)

More info about actual knackering[edit]

Right, this is an encyclopedia, not merely a dictionary. A couple of notes about other uses of the term are not actively harmful, but the fact that the article consists almost entirely of those leaves the reader unhelped, if the reader was looking for an encyclopedia article on the subject of knackering.

Shouldn't there be information here about the process itself, the relevant markets (i.e., what the results are used for), what kinds of animals are usually knackered, the history of the trade, whether its place in the economy has faded in recent years or continues to thrive, and so on and so forth? In other words, shouldn't there be an encyclopedia article? That's the sort of thing I was hoping to find when I looked up this article, and instead I found little beyond a basic definition. --Jonadab, 2006 Jul 03

Danish-minded soldiers in the German Army in World War 1[edit]

Currently Wikipedia only has "Knacker" as being a horse dealer.

In the first world war, the German Army forced people from Northen-Germany who felt they were danish. The German officials thought that when these people spoke (Southen-Jutlandic dialect of Danish) it sounded like when you knacked nutshells and nick-named them "Knackers".

I think there should be another article with the title "Knacker (danish soldier)" which contains this information.

I was going to add some content but Im too knackered —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 20:59, 25 July 2009 (UTC)


This term is mentioned in the "Slang" section as being used in Australia. However, a Google search stripping out pages mentioning Wikipedia (like this) gets precisely nine hits. Something's not right here. Loganberry (Talk) 01:59, 5 May 2010 (UTC)

Why is this section in past tense?[edit]

"A horse carcass, rendered, had many uses. In the U.S., the meat could be used as food at a mink ranch, pig farm, fox farm, or greyhound race track, or in pet food. Bones were ground up for bone meal fertilizer. Hides were made into leather or, along with joints and hooves, processed to make glue for the furniture and book binding trades (hence the idea of old horses being sent to the glue factory)."

Why is this in past tense? All the information is still true and current. (talk) 06:31, 6 January 2016 (UTC)

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