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just a traveler on planet earth. my indain name given by a special medicine man. my real name ramona. I came across this site while looking for imformation on time warp and travel. i found what i read to be what i was looking for. I think i am too right brain for this site but will try it. i am in body removal and transport business,i pick up the dead and take them to funeral homes and crematories, death is just another form of time travel.--Onefeather 05:53, 11 Oct 2004 (UTC) my interest are many,reading is a major one, on many subjects. i like the writings of Michael Talbot " the holographic universe" i also enjoy chopra. theology also.the study of words is also an interest. i want to know where,why and how on everything. i enjoy music art the study of colors herbs "ect" physics has always been an interest but i know little about it. i ask a lot of questions. i have two cats, spirit! and munchkin. i now live in the ozark mountains of arkansas, and No i am not a hick,or hillbilly. moved here from florida a month ago.

one feather